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$599 at newegg again till the 19th
Newegg has this in stock for $579 with code NH112504
bought mine last week but paid $650 it's a great projector compared to the 710st i had. only thing is the typical mount screws do not fit for ceiling mounts i have it rigged up till i can find some that fit.
It's $649.99 at newegg with code EMCXMWP72 right now. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009486
Anyone help me out. I can't get the avr-1913 to pass through my 3d video at 120hz. I have a BenQ W710ST for the display. If i go straight from the pc to the projector the 3d video works fine. If i go through the 1913 then to the projector it doesn't work the project starts searching for the hdmi input.
B&H Show this is stock now.
Just bought me one for $399
Thanks the wifi option looks nice, but i wonder the price the 700k can be had for $399 right now.
Most places online i'm looking for this camera is showing it as Discontinued. anyone know what is replacing it?
anyone else have a problem getting WVUE fox 8 to come in? I lost it a few days ago (i was getting a no signal message) So now i have rescanned a few times and i have lost 8.1 all together. I'm in Houma using a channel master for OTA.
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