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Fingers crossed!MD
My review of the 2013 Panasonic TC-65PS64 "Club" Model: http://www.avsforum.com/products/panasonic-tc-65ps64/reviews/4350 Enjoy! MD
This one from MonoPrice: http://goo.gl/62qExI have been extremely happy with this TV and for the price is the best value I can recall getting on a CE device of any kind in a very long time.MD
I did see a noticeable difference in 0 to 20. Specifically when watching NASCAR or other racing that has a running-order bar. The text was considerably clearer at 20 than at 0 but I avoided any artifacts. Above 20 and it starts to get "edgy" on text and images. I am running your settings with the one change being the Sharpness @ 20 to address this issue.Thanks,MD
From the S60 thread:Just FYI for those looking. The Warranty is only $59.99 for a TV at that price point.MD
I don't doubt your info. With the 65", the Costco inventory system showed them about 3 weeks prior to the shipment arriving at the depot.MD
The 50" is not in the Costco Inventory System at all yet and therefore has not been assigned an item# or an ETA. I will keep checking and post here if I can track it down.MD
It has two HDMI ports and they come directly out of the back, not on the side. Image is from the Quick Setup guide as my TV is now on the wall.
Squaretrade - Try searching the Costco site for "TV Warranty", choose the one for $1000+ TVs. It covers years 3, 4 & 5 for $99. Costco covers year 2 and Panny, year 1.Adjustments - The settings are similar but instead of a 10-point greyscale adjustment it is a 2-point. If you are looking for a reference panel that you can hone to exact standards, probably not quite the right unit. If you just want to be able to adjust in a beautiful picture, for sure!D-Nice - I ran the...
They had no luck in finding one through the Depot system for you? What city are you actually located in?MD
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