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WIUP was never on the ABB lineup, but has been available on many other local systems that have since been absorbed by Comcast. 20 was a shopping channel. Analog interference made it unsuitable and they eventually vacated it. WPSU World, INSP, C-SPAN2 and a shopping channel were among the first to become all digital. TV Guide channel occupied 6 even though it was subject to analog interference from WJAC's original transmitter. When the analog OTAs went dark, interference on...
I rescanned on my kitchen TV (Sony Bravia) and then went into the Shown/Hidden menu to view everything. The Sony locks in the encrypted channels but hides them by default. I manually transcribed the multiple pages and dumped into a spreadsheet. As an interesting aside, as ABB techs have been doing this work, I have noticed periodic but brief disruptions of various HD channels as well as ongoing problems with On Demand content. I guess we'll have to wait and see where ABB...
It looks like they have all the lower tier channels duplicated and starting to add in some Value tier channels. Here's what I found so far (as of today 3/4/14): (existing analog channels not listed) Channel Program 2 blank 7.1 encrypted 7.2 encrypted 7.5 encrypted 7.6 encrypted 7.7 encrypted 7.8 encrypted 7.9 encrypted 7.10 encrypted (series...
I'm seeing the same thing on The Closer via Atlantic Broadband as well as OTA from the WPCW RF 27 repeater on Laurel Mountain. What a most interesting and annoying effect
If you are receiving signals without an amp, there should be no reason to use one.
You make good points. They do seem more focused on data services, and in some respects that probably makes business sense. They are rolling out a limited menu of "watch anything on any device" streaming - including some live programming. Bob Dylan didn't know the half of it when he sang, "the times they are achangin'."
I would not say never, but the other pieces of the ABB puzzle are getting done first. Johnstown still serves as administrative hub of the entire system. They still have to upgrade the physical plant in order to be able to insert local commercials and local inserts (ie Local on the 8s) into the various HD streams. When you start seeing local commercials on existing HD channels, I think the expansion of HD service will quickly follow. They have made some initial steps by...
If you are in the Johnstown area and can pick up WWCP (FOX 8.1, 8.2) you should be able to get the WPCW repeater on RF channel 27.
It would not be the first time they have moved stations to different channel assignments. Have you tried rescanning to see if that is the case?By the way both are still showing up on the HD cable tuner.I'm hoping that's a sign they are making room for some new channels. (Fingers crossed)
ABB in Johnstown (and I presume Altoona) will be dropping KDKA from the lineup. They say "dozens" of HD channels will be added by fall.
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