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The velocity factor of coax is actually closer to 0.7, but yeah I get what you're saying.
Thinking about this more, I realize this is a stupid question. Any difference in phase between the two amplifiers will be minimal in comparison with difference caused by different in-wall cables and sub placement. The output capabilities should be close enough that they'll be a good match.
I currently have a single F15HP clone (DS1510/H600PEQ3) that I use in my dedicated home theater. The theater dimensions are (13' x 20' x 8' - 8.5' (double tray ceiling)). I've been really happy with the single F15HP, but feel that I may be driving it close to it's limits at some points. We usually watch moves at around -8 dB. I have an onkyo 809 that I've calibrated using audessy multieq xt. I've taken some in room measurements using roomeq wizard that don't look too...
There was a September 7th deadline to respond in my email. I know this is much later than other invite deadlines. Maybe we'll hear more after 9/7.
My initial invite. I was on the waiting list.
I just received my beta invite. Yeah buddy!
Sorry if my post gave the wrong impression, it's not an issue of being afraid it's just that removing SMD components is not something I would choose to do with the equipment that I have.Thanks for providing the information regarding the conversion. I'm still extremely happy with my F15HP clone. I'm still working to optimize the dampening/extension settings for my theater.
I installed my replacement screen yesterday, and it looks flawless. Carada really came through.
I was thinking the same thing and I have pretty good soldering skills. SMD...no thank you. If I ever want to do it I'll be another amp
What modifications are required to the amp to go from a sealed to a vented cabinet?
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