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Guys, the problem isn't what type of speaker wire you're using, or the individual channel volume settings, its the speaker itself. You should not have to artifically boost the center channel volume to hear dialouge...it should be crisp and clear at calibrated levels. The Onkyo HTIB speakers are garbage...this is why your dialouge sounds muddy and music is just OK. Replace your center channel with a real speaker (inexpensive is OK) from a real speaker company and be...
where did you get it? i thought they weren't available anymore?
So the next generation from everyone else still can't touch the 2008 Kuro's. So sad to see Pioneer exit the market...imagine what a 10G Kuro might have brought. sniff, sniff.
look at SVS, HSU, elemental designs, to name a few...the sub forum is full of good info. as a general rule, you will get more bang for your buck with the internet-direct brands.
i've had the 254 for about two weeks with the newest firmware. i have not observed any HDMI issues. i've got a Sony BD player and a FiOS DVR connected via HDMI. no problems with video or audio. some say the 254 alters the video even when processing is turned off, but i haven't found it to be a problem in practice. hope this helps.
Yes patience is key if you want the best quality for your $. A 2.1 system will be fine to start...you'll be running a "phantom" center until you can get a matching center. It is not ideal, but it is better than compromising with instant 7.1 of crappy HTIB speakers.
That Energy 5.0 set looks decent and is at a great pricepoint. I guess that has replaced the famed Athena Micras (I believe they are part of the same company). Pair that set with a good entry level $200 sub and a nice refurb'd receiver and you will have yourself a true HTIB killer for ~ $600.
i agree with sam...good choices on the speakers, but you can do better for the same $$ with the sub. the BIC and ED subs are a better for the buck than the infinity sub, and miles ahead of that joke Onkyo calls a sub. check out the sub forum for more suggestions...you're on the right path, my friend!
did you buy from harmanaudio or just some random person? i'm 99.9% sure that there's a 2 year warranty with refurbs if you buy direct from the factory via ebay.
can you expand on the problems you are still having?
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