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Check out "Gravity" on a high end 9 incher ! Simply stunning.
Trying some shots with this soon http://panasonic.net/avc/lumix/systemcamera/gms/g5/index.html ElTopo
Thanks Kevin. The G90 shot looks much more realistic to me. The JVC more like a Photoshop pic with too much sharpening. ElTopo
Amazing ! CRT is still the King
@Kevin 3000: G90 is really filmlike. Also ist seems that the JVC cannot do pitch black!
Patrick, you picked them up already?
BTW as already mentioned greyscale looks bad on the JVC
For me the G90's are still better. Maybe true that the JVC's Brightness is higher but the shots of the G90 are showing more Depth and black.
Congrats to have the CRT back in action. ElTopo
CRT still gives the best picture quality. If you have ever seen a picture from a BR909 or Sony G90 you will never change that setup. I have seen lots of digital crap till now from TV's to projectors. Nothing can compare to a BR909. Every time i screen a movie in my home theater my thoughts are the same. CRT 4 ever !!!!! ElTopo
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