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Spider invaded my Samsung. My wife called me at work, very upset, the tv's broke...my first thought was, time for an upgrade!!!! After she described what was happening, it just sounded to me like something on the optics. She described black squigly lines down the screen. I got home and found this to be the case. I ended up discovering a spider in the projection space. It had gotten on the rear mirror, and left trails of crap down the mirror, which projected them onto...
I was looking for a good FM antenna for my system and found rave reviews for the Magnum Dynalab ST-2 everywhere. I did a little research and found that this antenna is actually a relabeled Metz SS-8 marine antenna, which can be found all over the net for half the price of the Dynalab. You just need to get a $3.00 adapter at RS to hook it up. I did so, and couldn't be happier with this great antenna! Crystal clear sound and no background noise whatsoever.
I made some inquiries here a while back, without any definitive answers, regarding some gray blotches on dark scenes on my 5687. The blotches are most noticeable when the screen is black. They look a bit like mushrooms laying on their side. They are always in the same place, and are not smudges on the screen. Someone here had some pics of them but I couldn't find them. I'm wondering if anyone has had these blotches, and if so, have you gotten any answers regarding...
I have a 5803, which, I believe, has the same basic functions as the 3805. The lossless formats are fantastic. I dare say the excellence of the audio equals that of the picture. I just use analog inputs for everything. I see little point in switching back and forth. Enjoy your new player!
When you update your firmware, does the player reset all your settings to the factory defaults?
I haven't updated yet because I have no issues other than slow load times. If someone tells me the upgrade improves this, or any other practical issues, I'll do it. Don't fix what ain't broke.
Keep your 5803, get the Panasonic BD55, or another player with analog outputs. I have this setup, and it's frightening!
Anyone have any problems with your AVR's Pure Direct mode dropping LFE while using the analog outs on the BD55. I have mine running 5.1 to a Denon 5803. Everything sounds great, but when I play a music CD and use the Pure Direct mode on my Denon, it drops the LFE. I'm not sure if it's an AVR issue, or a player issue. In the past, I used Pure Direct with my DVD player without an issue.
OK...I checked that setting, but my front speakers are small. I've always had all my speakers set to small. I did notice if I toggle to 2-channel in the multichannel surround parameter, the LFE comes back in Pure Direct, but I'd hate to have to keep flipping that back and forth. The two choices in that setting are 2-channel, and Multichannel. It's normally on Multichannel, which is where I may leave it if I can't figure this out. Again, I used to run my S97 over...
I have a BD-55 running 5.1 analog to a Denon 5803. Everything sounds great, but, when I play a CD in the Panasonic, I like to use the Pure Direct on the Denon. This worked fine with my Panasonic S97 DVD player, but something in the combo isn't passing LFE in Pure Direct mode. If I leave Pure Direct off, I get LFE. Any other Denon users run into this? I've checked all the settings I can think of, on the Denon and the Panasonic, but I can't seem to find what might be...
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