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I didn't see anything in the manual of your TV supporting anything more than 480i. But your WD media player should have a composite output, no? Does your HDMI converter support SD resolutions?
Meh, for an unlimited budget, forget about hardware. For me it would be all custom software. Not realistic at all, but you can always dream.
As noted above, XP has always supported multiple cores (in one physical CPU). I'm running a box with a Core 2 Duo. Whether it makes a difference or not depends on the programs you are using, and how many of them you are using simultaneously.
If you like your Z-5500's, why not just get a new receiver only? Connect up the speakers normally, but use the 5500 analog input for the sub.
Are you using the same screen / monitor?
If it's just OTA HD, the video on your T60 doesn't sound like a deal breaker. Everything will depend more on the system requirements of your specific tuner dongle. If you want to playback other types of HD sources, then it starts getting more complicated.
Rez was fantastic, so I'll likely pick this up soon. The Kinect controls seem to suit this game very well, but I won't get one for only a single game.
Most of the latency in a short wireless link is from the processing in the radio rather than the time it takes to travel across the room. The controller must take the input signal, convert it up to frequency, and apply a modulation. The console must demodulate the received signal and convert it back down in frequency. Having said that, I would imagine a hand controller to have a pretty low bit rate output, requiring a relatively simple radio. As for the OP, as mentioned...
I also tried the demo this weekend. Played one game, and was disappointed that the music is not the same. Quite fun, but I'll hang onto my DC for a little while longer.
I'm using wired because the inconvenience of batteries trumps the inconvenience of a wire snaking around IMO. But almost everyone uses wireless. If you're looking to reduce latency, there's bigger fish elsewhere in the chain.
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