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Something else you can try is an attenuator inline with the antenna input to the DVR . I've used these attenuators from RMS during transceiver development at Harmonic (one of my previous design engineering jobs), and at home with good success. At ten miles, I'm surprised you need an amp at all. It's good to have an assortment and they are stackable.http://www.rmscommunications.net/FAP_n.htm
post 582, the link under "47 devices" has all the info your asking for
The higher drain USB devices I've seen usually come with a Y cable and use 2 USB ports to supply the extra current. One of the main benefits of the AV drives is the use of the serial ATA commands. These need to be connected to a SATA or eSATA port. I don't believe those streaming functions translate through the USB protocol. That being said, they have other benefits like 24/7 operation and high MTBF. Since they're made for streaming video they sacrifice other drive...
Ouch! I have a 15 foot mast with a rotor and distribution amp, and I'm down near Morgan Hill. More power Scotty!
I lived in Michigan for the first 25 years of my life before moving to Northern California bay area. The OTA coverage is indeed impressive. They put the majority of the broadcast stations on one transmit tower and many translators as you go south into the valley..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sutro_TowerA significant number of the stations are Hispanic or Asian but that still leaves a large number of (north of 30) English channels. As a cautionary tale there is a...
Is there any speculation on what the DVR+ does with the internal flash when the external drive is plugged in?
Sorry, it was listed as a translator. It must be hell for broadcast TV in the Rocky Mountains
They reference Dumont. Now that's a flash from the past. Little known fact, Dumont Labs developed the Trinitron tube. Arguably the best CRT ever made.
Interestingly, Tribune Media does not list it on the Denver zip code but does list it on the Peetz zip code which is one of it's 4 repeaters.Weird. As far as PSIP goes, I wouldn't expect that data to be stripped out of the repeater feeds.
I know that Tribune Media doesn't provide guide data for low power repeaters in WMC. Maybe Rovi's guide which is supplied from TVGuide is the same. For instance, KTVU in the SF bay area is broadcast on its main transmitter channel 44.3 from Sutro Tower and from a low power repeater in San Jose on transmitter channel 48.3. My antenna picks up both but Tribune doesn't supply low power channel data since it's the same virtual channel (2.1) so I had to reassign the channel...
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