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Best Buy has it for less.
Hi all - I've had this TV since September and all of the apps on the TV can show videos in HD except for Amazon. Vudu shows all 3 bars on connection speed and Netflix looks good in HD also. Amazon only shows connection on 2 of the 4 bars. I went from wireless to wired from the router to wired directly to the modem and no change in speed/quality. Anyone else have this problem or know what to do? Thanks
Thanks for the response rjdenver. I wonder why the cnet review says it bright blue. Does anybody have 1 that is blue instead of white?
Hi all- I am hoping somebody here can answer a quick question for me. I ordered the 609 and set everything up. After setting it all up, I noticed that the volume knob is lit white, with an almost violet tint. I am coming from an Onkyo 705 that has a blue volume knob and this 609 was listed as having a bright blue light. Is there something wrong with mine, or is that what the colr is supposed to be. Thanks! p.s. I know alot don't care about the color, or don't...
Would someone be kind enough to pm me a link or download of the LG fish demo? Thanks! Sean
The Country Music Awards was on.
Sounds good. Thanks guys. Sean
My apologies. I just wanted to see if this thread (since it was more visible) would get more responses or different recommendations then my other my question in the antenna thread. I will go with the winegard. Thanks everyone who responded.Sean
Does anybody know anything about this antenna? http://www.amazon.com/Channel-DIGITA...1106234&sr=8-4
Oh yeah you're right. I didn't even realize that . Thanks Dave!Do you think this would work good?http://www.amazon.com/Channel-DIGITA...1106234&sr=8-4
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