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Thanks for the quick response!
Probably a dumb question but, i just set up my brand new 705 and the blue ring around the volume knob is only lit up on the top side of it. My guess is that it is supposed to be lit around it, but by just looking at you can't tell if there are two bulbs to lit it up or if it is supposed to look like this. Thanks
I have Comcast here in Plymouth and the HD is awesome. I am on the Comcast St Paul side (Motorola boxes) and you are on the Comcast Minneapolis side (Scientific Atlanta), which used to be Time Warner. I did, however, live in Richfield a couple of years ago and had Time Warner digital cable (No HD though) and the pq was pretty good. Not really understanding how is could be that bad.
I called the Toshiba 800 # last and asked. The lady I spoke with said as long as it's a different promo it will be okay i.e. each promo only lasts a couple months, so as long as you don't send in the 2 during the same period it will be accepted. I told her I sent 1 in in January and now another one and was told that it will not be a problem at all.
Yeah I get the blue bar also. Also, when you're moving/scrolling to the right, the boxes turn from green to the normal color. Does the audio seem weird/different to you also? Just seems it wasn't ported right.
Amazon shows $29.99
I had emailed them 2 days prior to starting this thread and still haven't heard back from them.
Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but, is InHd going to show baseball games this year? I looked at their website but couldn't find anything. Thanks
Did you reset the box or did it automatically reset?
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