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That's what is was!!! Thanks
I know that this has been posted many times over, but can you give me the name of the site that sells inexpensive HDMI cables. I beleive they were around $8. Thanks so much
power off cable box. press menu on comcast remote. change output screen size to 16:9.
Do you get to pick the 2 free movies? One section of the website says "Now you get 5 free HD DVDs free with the purchase of a HD DVD player Take Two HD DVDs from us (Chronos and Exotic Saltwater Aquarium)" and another section says "From us, take any two $21.99 HD DVD movies or our four year extended warranty at no charge, with the purchase of either G2 HD DVD player." ???
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatorfan123 Calibration will definitely help the picture, but in the mean time you should search the forums to see what the typical settings most people are using. As far the blur, do you mean signal noise. Depending on the material, even though it is hi-def, the picture can be very clear and clean to pretty noisy on my 60"XBR2. FWIW, I saw part of How I met your Mother on Monday night, and you are right the picture...
Hello everyone I purchased the Samsung HL-S5687W on Saturday and while I am very happ with the picture when I watch some HD, other HD programming looks not so great. I'll give you an example. I was watching Rick Steves "Paris" on PBS and the picture was pretty awesome. On Monday night, I watched "how I met your mother" on CBS (which I am pretty sure was a true HD recording) and it looked horrible. I am comparing against my old Panasonic 50" LCD...
for what it's worth, I bought the Sammy HL-S5687 for just under 2k at CC and am loving the picture over the old 50" LCD projection Panny.
Thanks for the reply. Have you noticed the rainbow effect on this set? Anything else I should know about it?
Hi I currently own a Panasonic Pt-50lc14 and looking to upgrade to a Samsung HL-S5088W. I really like my current tv, however, im getting tired of the "screen-door" effect on the whites on this tv. That is really the only downside I see. My question is do DLP suffer from this also? Do they have any other inherant problems? I've heard of rainbowing, but is it really bad? Thanks for the help
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