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I was at BB today and a manager said that Nintendo is doing a great job on getting Wii's out and that everyone that wants one will have one by Christmas. He also said to expect a big shipment on Sunday the 26th. What do you guys think about these statements?
I went to CC around 10 am looking for the Olevia lcd hdtv 232v, and of course they were sold out. After shopping, around 3 pm, I went on their website to see if I could order it. It said not available in store and not available online. However, it had an add to cart button. I went through all the motions to purchase and its says it will ship on Dec 2nd Do you think they will actually honor this price and ship?
It will stay 720p
Program is called "Tune Up" on INHD. Next showing is Nov 5th from 6-6:30 am central time.
Hi all, Not sure where to post this, but i'll put it here. I have comcast internet and cable tv services. The problem is that for that past week, the internet connection is lost occasionally and the channels on my anolog tv (with not box) are snowy. The lower the channel, the snowier they are. I also have a HDTV with box that shares none of the problems. I have cable coming into my apartment in two places. One goes to the bedroom with the anolog tv set, and one in...
I am a little confused. what do mean that it will be handicapped? Should I leave all settings other than the 2 you mentioned at 0 then? Under normal circumstances I would normally have all DVD settings at 0? Sorry in advance for my confusion. Sean
Hello all I have a question about calibrating TV and DVD. I will be setting up my cable box (moto 3412) and DVD player (panny s77) through HDMI receiver (JVC 401s) to TV (panny pt50lc14). When I run calibration DVD (Avia), should I set the DVD player settings all to 0 and then just calibrate the TV settings with the disc. I guess I am confused as the TV has settings and the DVD player has settings. Since the cable box and DVD player are being fed through HDMI the...
Hi guys I was wondering if I purchased an s77 would the upconverted picture look as good as some of the upconverted HD programs. I am under the assumption that some HD TV shows are upconverted as the are not all of the same quality. Thanks for your help :o Sean
I've got the same problem. I called comcast and they had no clue as to what I'm talking about. Recorded programs that are supposed to be 5.1 are recorded (or playbacked) as pro logic. Someone came out and looked at it and said they never heard of this happening. He even called his supervisor who said the same thing. How do you find out which firmware version you have? Thanks
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