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Do I assume all cable and satellite companies do this too? If so, then it stinks that companies control like these.
Same for non-cable companies these days.
I meant removing them as free. Sorry.
I think cable companies will be removing all eventually. I know TWC did remove some for my parents'.
Yes, if you have clear and close views of the transmitters. http://www.tvfool.com can help you.
Yes. Wait, so even the World Series will not be on local FOX stations? If so, then dang it. That's lame.
Won't FOX still be showing some MLB games like in the past? Or are ALL Dodgers games going to be not on local broadcast? I read that none of NCAA basketballs are going to be longer on CBS eventually. Even the champisonship games.
What about L.A. Lakers? Dang TWC!
Only in Houston? Why are Airbox's encrypted channels available OTA then? I have seen them for a few years when scanning in L.A. as well.
Heh, watch it during prime time hours then before 11:00 PM PDT. :P
New Posts  All Forums: