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Hm, that picture looks pretty bad. But i've seen nothing like that on any Panasonic plasma ever and can't imagine it looks like that in person. Prepare to see it posted in every LCD v. plasma thread, though.
Then you'll have to upoad them somewhere else. imageshack.us is your best bet.
Haha. Oh, Best Buy, the ridiculousness never ends.
Just click the little button that looks like a picture at the top of the window you type your message in, then paste your picture's direct URL in there. That will add the "[IMG]" tags for you.
Wow, so Samsung's top-of-the-line 58" plasma costs less than their mid-line 52" LCD? Why do people buy LCDs again? Also their site shows a 30k:1 contrast ratio for the 550, but i could have sworn i checked it earlier and saw 15k or 20k:1. Am i going crazy, or did they change it to match the Panasonics'?
This is so ridiculous. I don't even know what you're trying to say. Big screens are good for movie watching but somehow not for gaming? What? Nonsense.
Wow, there really needs to be a stickied thread just for these questions. It's getting a little absurd having 5 or so threads a day on the exact same subject.
$20 would be a good price. I'd probably by a couple in fact.
All of these sets are a perfect 1920x1080 and will display a 1080p signal exactly as the source sends it. You're probably thinking of Hitachi plasmas, which are awful and do have a bizarre resolution.
Why in the world would they let you do that? Who even uses a manufacturer's remote anymore? Get a nice universal remote and save yourself lots of hassle.
New Posts  All Forums: