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Well the 85u is newer and better in every way, so......
What makes you think the CableCard will fix the picture quality? It won't. That's Comcast's compressed-to-hell feed and a CableCard will do nothing to help that.
No. Why do people need to keep repeating themselves? What you had was simply some temporary image retention due to your set being brand new. What you played on it after getting the IR wasn't important, it was simply a matter of those pixels doing something else other than displaying the game. Just take our advice and leave your TV running at night and within a couple days i'm willing to bet you'll be seeing no IR at all after decent gaming sessions. I play CoD for easily...
Panasonic TH-42px60u: No. Panasonic TH-50pz700u: No. Plan on getting a Panasonic 85u soon and will game on it without worry.
Haha, just one person? I recall nearly every owner in this thread other than maybe one or two saying their TV turned off by itself. I'm surprised people aren't more concerned about this.
I really hope we don't start seeing 4k consumer displays for a while. 1080p's a waste for most people, 4k would be almost completely useless unless people started watching 100" TVs from 4' away. As soon as every TV set on the market has absolute blacks and an infinite contrast ratio, then we can start worrying about yet another resolution bump. Until then i don't see the big deal for the average consumer. Mediocre TVs with lots of pixels are still mediocre TVs. Obviously...
It will work fine. It's pointless though since the quality will be the same. People are looking for new HDMI soundcards and videocards because they want to be able to listen to the HD audio codecs on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and at present there isn't a good way to make that happen.
Just leave it playing overnight and wake up to a perfect set. Disaster averted.
At that distance 1080p isn't worth it if it means sacrificing overall picture quality. The FHD1 is old gen and pretty average by now. I'd go as far as to say that a Panasonic 50pz85u would have no problem one-upping it.
Well it's DDR2 compared to most of the 3650s which are DDR3. It does have built-in HDMI, though, so that could interesting.
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