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And, what about the graphics?? I saw the new HD bug, but they have to retire the lame SD graphics they are still using....
He got married.
Just this one:http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/new...00&news_id=245
I was watching L&O last week and there was a distinct popping or snapping noise during the first 20 minutes or so. It happened on both OTA and Dish provided channels...
According to this article from 10/2008, WFSB is close:http://televisionnewsmedianewengland...1_archive.html
I saw the availability there yesterday and was able to pick one up for $249.99, new direct from Amazon. I see the lowest price is now $355 new from a third party!!
Why even bother posting here then??
I think it was. It was still happening to me late yesterday afternoon, but by WS time last night it was working again.....
I see the 44.1 after scanning too. On another standalone TV with a digital converter box, 44.1 is there also, on that TV it works, showing 61.1 programming with those wacky station call letters....
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