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Heh, really, Philips needs to include a flyer in theie boxes about it, I see so many comments about you, you have to wonder how many TVs get returned by people that didn't know. I only knew from reading the forums.
Yeah, that's the weird thing that I was going to mention that my 37" does. I'm not using the TV Guide and not using cablecard. Every once in a while at least once a day, I notice that when the TV is off, I hear a click like the standby power is going off, and then I think it clicks again. It hasn't lost any of my settings, so I don't know what it is. I should keep my remote handy, so the next time it happens, I want to try turning the TV on and see what it does.
#2 I'll agree with, their setup is stupid as hell, all or nothing. Hopefully they'll add a middle setting, with it showing the volume and only the input for say 5 seconds after switching to it. People should bug Philips for this request, lets get this added! #1 is incorrect. I haven't gone back through this thread, so if the information on this isn't in this thread, it's in one of the other philips threads. There are some limitations on PIP, which is hardly only a...
I think a new Newton would come out before either of those sized iMacs.
Is 58.1 up? That's the only digital channel I don't seem to get with my indoor antenna.
Does Q&A about the 32PF7320A/37 pretty much apply to the 37PF7320A/37 also? I just got the 37, and this thread seems a bit more active than the 37 thread. Regarding PiP, is there any way to easily swap the 2 screens? On my old Tosh tube, I had swap and locate buttons, on this the locate doesn't matter so much since I'm doing side-by-side, but if I want to swap the two pictures so that I can hear the audio for the other picture, the only way I've found is to press the...
Do you have to buy your TV from TVA to get the repaimaster warranty? I'm probably going to buy my LCD TV from CC, and I wouldn't mind covering an expensive item like this, but I don't want to pay CC's price for their warranty. The RepairMaster sounds good. edit-Ah, nevermind, backtracked on a link I had for TVA, found the info that I don't have to get the TV from them, cool.
I went to ye olde Circuit City at lunch because last week the store was listed on their website as having the 37" Hitachi, but they don't have it anymore, blah. I really wanted to check it out, the moving panel intrigues me since half the time I'm sitting off to the left of my TV in front of the computer, maybe with a game on while I'm playing with the computer. I liked the idea of being able to remotely move the display towards me a little. I know I want 37", so it...
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