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Here's a couple I had to whip up for Comcast Sportsnet and Fox Sports Bay Area. I grabbed what I could from their respective sites and cropped them. If anyone can find some high quality logos for HD Net and HD Net Movies, that'd be appreciated. I had to make do with the lower res stuff from Remote Central. $%@$!#!# sigh, and so now spending time on setting up my buttons, the damn harmony app freezes up on me and I have start over.
The only minor thing that bugs me about The One is it seems it's just a hair laggy when hitting buttons on the remote compared to my MX500.
Cool, picked mine up today. I figured they'd show up at the BB stores before any websites, because I've run into that in the past with Logitech stuff, stuff showing up at the store before the BB website or Logitech itself shows it's for sale. Anywho, so went to a store near work after I got off, they didn't have any. But the store near home did. I'm currently using a MX500, so that's going to be what I compare it to. It'll take some getting use to, not having a ton of...
Sure, just teach it using the Bluwave remote, I did.
I'm trying to register my TV on the samsung and it's not taking my serial. Is the serial on the box the correct serial? Looking at Samsung's example on their registration page, it looks right, though there's is 15 characters and the one on my box is 14, I double-checked. Anyone else register using the number off their box?
Yeah, I think I'm going to have to get off my arse. I haven't been particularly bothered with stutter too much, because when it's happened it was usually a channel that's not one of my main channels. Well tonight I learned the downside of getting a new TV during the period of no new TV shows, because I haven't been watching that much non-sports stuff. But my Tivo recorded the new My Name is Earl tonight on NBC HD (OTA), and man, stutter city with the AMP on low using...
/me does spit take And all this time I thought you guys were talking about some site called Big River, which I never bothered to look into since I was buying from Amazon. :P
Updated that info, it's an 80 GB PS3 and (not that it matters other for the color and HD size) a Falcon 360 Elite.
You mean 6 months ago don't you?
I just went and made a new posting of a bunch of power levels I tested with my 4071 and some other equipment, you can check it out at http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...1#post12731221
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