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I just got an infinitv 4 and had it up and running with the newest firmware. Tonight I tried enabling the tuner sharing feature and every time I try, the computer freezes right after the screen where I select the tuners to use on the current display. I am forced to hard reset the computer then reset the ceton network settings to rediscover the card. I've tried 3 times all with the same result. Any suggestions?
what did you come up with for your solution?
Eric, any chance that Ceton also sells their softsled software that is running on these units? Those of us already with multiple htpcs would be very likely to buy several licenses of that.
Moncaso 312. Slickest HTPC case on the market, IMO. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16811280014
Has it been verefied that the echo will play bd rips in iso or folder structures? I personally hate making mkvs.
What is it that microsoft has against enabling guide sharing amongst HTPCs? With the new Ceton tuners on the horizon, guide and tuner sharing are the only thing standing in the way of me putting an HTPC in every room. Extenders will never have the flexibility of a dedicated HTPC and are not a suitable replacement in my opinion. I would imagine that this is something that microsoft could easily implement. What is stopping them?
Could be the ugliest piece of AV equipment I've ever seen.
How is arcsoft's customer support? I just purchased TMT3 last night and have been unable to download the product. There is no link to download it in my order history and when I run my serial in the product registration link it comes up invalid. I put in a CS request last night but was wondering how long it typically takes them to respond.
Have you tried disabling sound effects in the VMC settings? That has worked for many of us.
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