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I called the parts department asking to purchase an HDMI board. After speaking with the rep fo a while, he said he was going to put in for an out of warranty free repair. I finally received the authorization and I have shipped my receiver (to Michigan) for repair. Try calling!
I will find out soon enough. What was the problem that the official recall units had? My serial number wasn't listed, but I wonder if that flaw did not affect my unit.
I just got a call from ABL in Michigan too. The manager there told me he was only officially authorized to fix the "no sound" problem but he would check the HDMI board while it's in his shop. He told me that shipping in the original box (if I still had the original padding) was best.
I was surprised that nobody used the old trick in the reward challenge of tossing their gnome it the air as they went for the opponent's so theirs would hit last ground last.
I don't think you can assume the safe people were announced in order of their vote totals. They didn't say one way or the other.
My point about Hershel was, that even highly intelligent adults still considered walkers to be "people." The Governor was a sociopath but was still highly intelligent. Remember the experiments on the old fellow who died to determine how much residual memory that walkers had buried in their brains? Even the walkers' aggressiveness stopped immediately after the "Michone treatment." Now put all these unknowns and doubts into the mind of a child. Lizzie was sure she was...
One of the reasons for the reveal of all the things that Lizzie did was to show that the characters, rather than the audience figured out it was Lizzie. We see more than they do. Another reason was to try to convince the audience that Carol is not a psycho too. I think she was very wrong to kill the people at the prison. She didn't prevent the outbreak and efforts were already underway to find a cure. Some effort was made to explain to Lizzie that the Zombies were not...
The body of the boy, in the exact same clothes he was wearing when he returned...that's my guess. There were multiple doors in the family crypt. I highly doubt that the two were in the same coffin.
Welcome back everyone! I am the thread starter but I left this discussion after purchasing an Onkyo 809. After two and a half years, it's going to the shop for repairs (a free, out of warranty repair for a known issue). I swapped in my 765, with which I could not bear to part. I checked the web site and notice that a firmware update, L304 is available. I have the K302 firmware. Can anyone tell me what the latest firmware adds or fixes? The site doesn't...
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