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LOL... Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. It's a really nice mount. So easy to dial in the correct position. And solid. Works great on ceiling or, as I have it set up, wall mounted. E
Yeah. My red had to offset a bit to the side as well. Totally not noticeable when you're watching any content.
Your red panel isn't aligned properly on that side. Go into panel adjust and adjust the red with RGB on. You'll see the green disappear. I had it on mine and it's gone now.Elio
Carada Brilliant White
Did you look at Carada? They have AWESOME screens at really reasonable prices. If you're getting a fixed frame screen you should check them out. Fantastic customer service too.E
+1 I have this mount too. It's AWESOME.
The panels are not motorized. It's not a mechanical adjustment but an electronic one. The best thing to do is play with it. You'll see what it does when you start moving the lines up and down and left to right. If you exit and turn the alignment off it defaults back to the factory setting so you won't mess anything up. If you line it up better than it was when you started then you just leave it on. If I'm not mistaken, because it's an electronic adjustment, you do give up...
I went into the advanced menu and turned red offset down by 4 and red briteness down by 5
Exactly. It's really just a question of whether or not the bars bother you. I don't pay any attention to them. I'm perfectly happy with my 16:9 screen.
You don't HAVE to mess with the projector at all. You can either get a 16:9 screen and live with the black bars like you do on your TV now or get a 2.40 screen and zoom in out and deal with black bars on the sides for 16:9 content. Even movie theaters have to deal with different aspect ratios. And they just mask the screen.
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