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I have the Panny glasses. Just slide the power slider all the way past the on point and hold for a few seconds then release.
What mode are you running the projector in? Mine is dead quiet unless I'm watching 3D. Then it sounds like the projector has a second job as a lawnmower.
Has anyone tried the Monoprice 3D glasses with this projector?
For a medium sized home theater: Mains: Definitive Technology 8040 Super Towers Center: Definitive Technology 8040 Center Rears: Definitive Technology 8040 Bi-Pole Surrounds Sides: Definitive Technology Pro-Cinema 1000 Rear sub: Supercube 2000 Drive it all with a Yamaha 2030 or 3030 receiver... BLISS.... Elio
You should get about 30-40 hours per charge on the glasses: 15-20 movies before you need to recharge. I got the Panasonic glasses as well and they're great. Really light and comfy.E
Yes I got it from Carada. Did you check Monoprice? They have inexpensive fixed frame screens too.
I have a 100 inch carada criterion brilliant white screen and I love it. The quality of the screen is awesome, it's super easy to put together and they give great customer service.E
Hi Alad,The user manual covers these but I'll run em down for you.3D Format: Don't worry about it. The projector automatically detects the 3D format the content you're watching is encoded in and displays it appropriately.3D Depth: You can adjust how far or close things appear in 3D. It usually creates a lot of crosstalk so I'd leave it at the default. But play around with it if you want. You might like the effect.Diagonal Screen Size: In your case I'd set it to 110. This...
LOL.. I only became an Elite Plus member because I happened to upgrade my phone on a day that if you upgraded your phone and extended your plan for 2 years they would give you premier status. It was really fortunate timing. This purchase put me over the top so I'm an Elite Plus member til 2015. I do miss the free calibrations they used to offer reward zone silver members.
Just an occasional pulse taking the scene a little darker when it switches from a light to a dark scene. Nothing horrible. It's just slightly noticeable on mine. Actually the projector is so much better than my old one at reproducing black that I think I'm going to leave it off. I can hear it a little too. Not a horrible loud noise but it's kinda there. But this is a super minot complaint. I'd give this projector 10 out of 10 if I were a reviewer. It's freaking awesome. Oh...
New Posts  All Forums: