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Sigh. My order at Best Buy is on backorder and probably going to be canceled. Guess I'll get it at the beginning of 2014... Bwaaaa.. E
LOL.. Are you kidding? With all the technical details it takes to get a movie on screen it's a miracle anyone can keep any of it straight. My brain gets tired trying to remember it all now that I'm not an AC anymore.E
Panchromatic film {black and white) is not balanced for daylight or tungsten because its incapable of producing a color. Only color film is balanced for the different light sources. I know a little about this having been a first ac on features and commercials.E
That's great to know. I've been happy with my 4000 but I felt like it was time for an upgrade. The only reason I waited this long was the convergence on my Panny is the best I've ever seen on an LCD projector. But it's time for a new toy. Papa needs some 3D. Especially after seeing Gravity.E
The color temperature is dictated by the projector bulb not the film. Black and white film is shades of gray. And there were zero controls from one theater to the next over the temperature of the bulb. We can make a guess depending on the era the film was shot, and the bulb technology of the time, what might be the color of temp of the bulb but I think it's a little bit of a stretch to say that B&W movies were intended to be viewed at any particular color temp. There were...
I have a Panny 4000. My Epson is on backorder at Best Buy. If I get it before you do I'll let you know what I thinkE
Dynamic always looks like crap. Did you try Cinema?
I hear what you're saying. I think too much is made of the whole perfect calibration thing and it can take the joy out of this hobby. At the end of the day, calibrated or not, it's what your eyeballs prefer. I've worked with folks that were overjoyed with the results of a spot on calibration but I've also worked with folks that found a properly calibrated display lifeless and preferred dynamic mode with frame interpolation on high. I was a camera assistant on movies and...
Do you have a calibration disc? They are a great basis for a calibration. It's not as accurate as a full on professional calibration but it will get you somewhere in the ball park. The new Spears and Munsil disc has patterns for 3D calibration.http://www.spearsandmunsil.com/portfolio/hd-benchmark-2-0/Check it out...E
This from HDGURU:There’s also a new dedicated “black and white” mode, tweaked to look a bit warmer (think more “sepia tone”) with B&W movies.I think this sounds like hype. Black and White movies, unless they were dyed for a specific reason (i.e. Blue to represent night, Yellow to represent daytime) were always meant to be seen in black and white. Unless you were viewing the movie on a projector with a seriously aged bulb there should be no "Sepia Tone" to a regular black...
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