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I have the pink banding issue have yet to call Samsung. My warranty is long over and now i'm getting what seems like intermittent HDMI dropouts. Wow can Samsung TVs get anymore unreliable than they are??? Last samsung TV for me also.
I enjoyed the film. I can see a directors cut filling in a lot of what i felt might've been missing especially in character development. I thought the 3d was great overall. I feel popout is overrated in general. This will be an excellent title to translate into home 3D viewing and i look forward to it!
Your welcome. Is it confirmed that the Ps3 does not support multiplayer 3D?
Ok so it wasnt my glasses. Campaign is in 3D Multiplayer is not. Not sure if multiplayer co-op is 3D. I must say that the 3D is stellar though. It is native 3D
I havent done single player yet but i may have jumped the gun because my glasses needed charging. I will try both soon once i have a sufficient charge.
I have the 360 but i would like to confirm this with someone else because i have a Marantz receiver in the mix and I'm wondering if this could be the cause of my problem. It would be improbable and ridiculous if the only 3d supported was in the menu.
GR does support 3D but in my case it is only the menu and not during the game. Am I the only one? If not then this needs to be fixed. Menus look good though lol
I am not a fan of the soap opera effect and dont use it on my tv but somehow i feel that this is a step in a better direction and it seems fitting that it will used for The Hobbit. I look forward to the clarity it will display
Now that's a nice nephew! Hope you guys have a blast
When you have Mac at home and PC only at work it becomes a chore. Ah well. Im still not totally convinced. Is there a noticeable difference?
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