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This, in my opinion, makes the most sense. If there will be GTA5 on next gens
ding ding ding.. we have a winner in this whole back and forth bickering. Sorry to say but MS is doing it all to themselves..
So not true.. BF3, for example, on PCs use dedicated servers and one guy with 250+ ping ruins it for everyone.. So a guy like me with 10 ping will teleport, , experience lag, half my shots don't register, and I can see some nice break dancing skills, if you know what I mean. I mean, yeah, it's an exaggeration and usually it isn't that bad but it happens even with dedicated servers..And just to make this picture complete, I have fios and I usually turn off everything when...
I wouldn't switch but I'd definitely buy it
MS either takes US for granted or really tries to suck up to EU market
said noone ever
Dude.. that's the best thing that could happen to MS in a while
Awesome... This means that a lot of people will be playing KZ MP when it launches.
Not sure what you guys were expecting but this game running at 60fps even at 720p with the GPU inside ps4 and xbone it was obvious it won't live up to its PC counterpart. I actually expected this sort of news to come out sooner or later... BF games have been always hard on graphic cards and this is no exception. BF3 in all honesty looks like crap on PS3.
I see what you're saying but Helghast and Humans live on the same planet and Guerilla said that after the war it's a happier place and the worlds reflects that.. I guess it makes sense that it transitions over to MP.. At least that's the take away I got from it and I'm actually cool with more colors as I think that KZ 2 and 3 MP were too gritty.
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