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The 75inch would be ideal if the reviews are good.
Sony tends to live in a fanatasy land until the hammer of competitive drives them to reality. The competition will thankfully dictate the street price.
Vizio R series, if it comes to market and actually walks the walk could be a real disruptive force. I'm really rooting for them to pull it off.
I'm quite annoyed that Sony doesn't have a 75inch model for their flagship series. The size and price jump from 65 > 85 is too much.
Rogo, Mind giving us a top 3 ranking from what you saw at ces this year, display wise?
In rogo we trust.Looking forward to seeing that set in person. Too bad they're not smart enough to make a 75inch version. So either an expensive 65inch or an astronomical 85inch.
Sony looks to Have gone with active 3d for their 2014 high end models fwiw. Seeing that neither Sony Samsung or LG even brought up 3D tech advances as part of their press releases tells me their faith in the tech is very low.
http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/6/5279150/vizio-announces-first-consumer-4k-tvs-kills-3d-support Curious to see if anyone else follows. I do hope their reference series is a solid competitor to other flagship models.
Any real info yet?
The 77inch 4k oled for 10k would be perfect. Make it so!
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