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I apologize, but could you please humor me and list the values from top to bottom as they appear on W/B detail adjustment page
So your saying my settings i posted were wrong and the correct sound and vision values for w/b detail should be: W/B high R 7 W/B high G -1 W/B high B 14 W/B low R 10 W/B low G 4 W/B LOW B -3
I'm trying to explain that I don't understand the settings as there listed. have i input the values correctly as you just quoted above? Thanks in advance!
I Dont understand why your using the term "mid" for w/b detail adjustment page. Is the following correct for sound and vision W/b detail aadjustment : W/B high R 10 W/B high G 4 W/B high B -3 W/B low R -7 W/B low G -1 W/B LOW B 14
not sure I'm reading audio vision settings for VT60 correctly. Can someone confirm for me these settings are right for 2d on pro mode warm 2 mode: W/B detail adjustment: 10 4 -3 -7 -1 14 My confusion comes from what i presume to be a typo. Values are for mid/high when they should be for low/high. Also what appears a typo in the collum right below this one is this: W/B Detail Adjust. (32D) Mid High Red –15 11 Green 0 0 Blue –6 –1 I assume this is just for 3d and the 2...
I put in D nice settings as shown on page 1 of this thread For my vt65. color gammit is listed as normal incorrectly. Should it be native or rec. 7:09?
NETFLIX 3D? [does anyone know where to find netflix 3d catalog? using tvs netflix app 3 d section is very limited and I know netflix carries more/SIZE]
yes optical will output 5.1. if you have a newer receiver (post hdmi 1.4) you can use a receiver ArC function eliminating the need for optical cable. I would like to know if ARC is capable of supporting Netflix's higher bitrate audio dd + format. If this is the case then no one with arc should be using opticale since ARC/HDMI would give better sound.
!you need to install the Harmony software and adjust the settings that way instead of using their web interface. they stoped updating the software version of harmony but I believe it still has additional settings the web interface lacks
can anyone recommend a bias light to buy to put behind my vt65. tv sits on a stand. Id like to have light behind tv facing wall tv sits against so that I have ambient light source so that my eyes don't strain when watching in the total dark. I understand light should be about 10 percent light output of display light. I used thx cinema mode which I believe is around 30 fl so my bias light should be output around 3 FL is that is right.
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