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I use Ripbot264 to re-encode the video when I permanently want subs. It seems to handle this better than Handbrake does. I generally try to avoid this solution at all costs because I generally hate the idea of permanently burning subs into the video.If you have multiple devices around the house that have their own standards and issues then I would use Mezzmo as a DLNA streaming front end. It would pretty much change (or add a 2nd method to) the way you watch your media...
With the recent release of Mezzmo 3, it seems like a 2-Dog race at this point. If you want a true DLNA compliant media server, then Mezzmo 3 is the way to go. Keep in mind that DLNA standards do introduce limitations like the inability to properly playback .iso files and stream metadata with video files. Mezzmo does have the device profiles for the Dish Hopper and it works flawlessly with my WD Live boxes and as well as anything can with my DirecTV HDDVRs. The other...
WDTV Live, or.... If you need 1TB of add'l, local storage in the device and/or could use a built-in DLNA server, opt for the WDTV Live Hub. Has its software quirks but has been a great piece of hardware for me in the year that I've owned it. I lust after the Dune boxes, but I just can't justify the price on them.
Probably because library setup and maintenance is simpler and easier with good DLNA front end software.
Just right click on the Ted BR when it's in the drive, click and see how big it is. Is your .iso roughly the same size? If so, then you have the exact same quality.
I don't think you'll get a solution for everything on the checklist but you could come awfully close. I would suggest a Roku. It will cover your internet streaming needs better than just about anything else out there. It's weakness is going to be with streaming the local content. You'll need to create a channel for local streaming on the Roku and set up Plex for Roku on a connected PC to stream local content. The Roku will only playback .mp4 files with an .aac audio...
Like you, I've learned that using a good DLNA front end program that lets you create playlists and organize from the front end works a lot better for large music libraries. I've been using DLNA to stream movies and music and just recently discovered the Media Library feature of the WDTV Live Hub. I lose some of the sorting ability that I got through my DLNA but the metadata is awesome and my SO can finally stop asking me what each movie is about when she reads the...
Through a little bit of experimentation, I now encode my rips to the following standard: .mp4/.m4v with Large File Support .h264 video stream, L4.1 or lower. Bitrate of 2500kbps for 720p and 6500-8000kbps for 1080p. No more than 4 ref frames and b-frames at 3 or less. 1st audio track is 2-channel .aac 128kbps 2nd audio track is 5.1 channel .ac3 448kbps Works on just about everything as long as the multi-channel audio is track 2.
Since it got resurrected....... I second the vote for Mezzmo. If you're having trouble setting up DLNA with Mezzmo (outside of specific model support) then you really have no business setting up network shares or setting up a streaming system at all.FYI, if you try Mezzmo, kepp in mind that v3.0 is scheduled to be out in the next few weeks. I will be beta testing it starting today.
Had all of the Firmware updates, too? Pardon my skepticism, but Cinavia was the whole reason I dumped my PS3.
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