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Just wondering if anyone can give me any recommendations on the TCP50G10, im in the market to purchase a new TV (pretty much narrowed it down to the 50G10 and Sony KDL52Z5100) i've always been a fan of LCD's but it seems whereever I read on the internet plasma is far superior for motion blur and black levels. My primary use would be for gaming (ps3, xbox 360), blu-rays, and HD programming (very rarely watch SD programming) thanks for any tips and hopefully I will be going...
Just wondering if anyone here can point me in the right direction, im looking at purchasing the KDL52Z5100 and it will primarily be used for gaming, blu-rays, and HD programming. Thanks for any advice.
Hello everyone, im wanting to buy a new television that will mainly be used for gaming, blu-rays, and HD programming (cant stand SD!) and have been doing some research online which has pretty much been making my head spin! Im looking at 46-52" models in the 120-240hz range. Ive read quite a few places that 240hz models arent very good for gaming, and can even make tv shows and movies look weird. So im wondering what sets you guys would recommend. Im trying to keep the...
Thanks, heres to hoping the 52" goes on sale for under $2,000! Hopefully I will be back here for calibration recommendations. Literally took me months to calibrate my samsung until I was satisfied.
Just wondering if anyone cant give me some insight on the 46" XBR9 which I may purchase on boxing day (Canada's black friday). It is available for $1,699 (reg $2,499). Do you guys (and gals) think it would be worth the extra $200 to purchase over the Sony KDL46Z5100!? Thanks for any recommendations, oh and my new tv will be replacing my Samsung LNT4661F which I purchased 2 years ago. I play videogames aswell thats why im opting for 240hz.
Not sure if anyone can explain this anomaly but earlier I was recording 2 shows while watching one of them (I usually start watching a show about 20mins late to avoid commercials) when all of a sudden my box made a loud clicking noise and completely shutoff and turned back on about 3 minutes later. The display on the box looked odd too just displaying 4 lines like this - - - -
I use HDMI for TV audio and Optical for surround sound on my stereo.
The power cord seems fine, and im not using a dvr expander, my box is just like when I got it from the cable company, + HDMI and optical audio cord.
Does anyone know what the newest firmware is? Im sure my cable provider updated it lastnight (currently using 11.59) because the diagnostics menu looks different. My primary reason for asking this is my DVR is acting like utter crap now, buttons have been changed around (use to double click "guide" to access future DVR settings, now I have to go through the menu. Also very unresponsive fastforwarding commercials almost like its going in slow motion, and when a show ends...
You order from futureshop? I know wanted has a FS sticker on it. :P
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