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The modified firmware saved my TX42! Same amber LED symptom, thought I was hosed. Best Buy replaced $500+ worth of parts last year to fix the issue: Repair Description: Replaced main and power supply boards Warranty: SKU #/Part # Description Line Status Services Products Parts Discount Total Price 8702399 GEEK SQUAD 30 HT GEEK SQUAD I Complete $150.00 $0.00 $150.00 1688-2010-01-30-903-4536 8702585 GEEK SQUAD 15 HT GEEK SQUAD...
Does anyone know anything about this? I can't any reviews on this either on google or on the forums. Samsung P50H Product Page My department is looking at using this for a smaller classroom, vs a normal projector. Basically it's this PDP or the Panasonic TH-50PH11UK. I like the Samsung since it has native DVI for digital 1:1 pixel, whereas the Panasonic you have to buy the DVI board. LCDs are out of the question because they're a tad too expensive for our...
Greetings all, I was wondering if there way any way to get any Hong Kong HDTV programming here in the states? i.e. Jade HD? My parents have the DirecTV chinese package that is SD only. They want to upgrade to a HDTV but I've been telling them that I haven't seen any HD chinese programming availability. Thoughts?
The monoprice mounts include all the necessary hardware. All the mounts are pretty much universal, just get one that fits your size. Monoprice also has some HDMI cables that are rated for inwall installations, not sure if it's necessary though.
Are you sure you have the resolution set to 1360x768 while hooked up from DVI-HDMI? It's probably at 1280x720, which means that the text is being scaled. HDMI usually can't handle nonstandard resolutions such as 1360x768, and only sticks with 480p/720p/1080p. Your best bet is to stick with your VGA connector unfortunately. I got myself a Westinghouse 42" TX 1080p so that I wouldn't have weird problems like that.
That is so annoying! I installed 158.24 and bam, it fills the entire screen! How the heck did NVIDIA break 1080p for all the driver releases after that? There's got to be a way to fix it, and still use the new driver. I also used Powerstrip with the new drivers without any luck at all. Someone else with Vista 64Bit + a 8800GTS on the TX42 using HDMI-DVI, please give us a solution!
I have a huge overscan problem in Vista 64-Bit Business with a Nvidia 8800GTS, connected via a HDMI-DVI cable. For some reason, when the resolution is set to 1920x1080, I get two inches of underscan all around, for my TX 42. It is so annoying! And the zoom setting is set to standard. When hooked up to my MacBook Pro or my old PC with a Radeon X850, it fills the screen fine at 1080p! I have tried the latest Forceware drivers, including the Beta. I also played with the...
I just made a new HTPC to go along with my Westinghouse TX 42". For the OS, I installed Windows Vista 64bit Business Edition, also using the latest 162.22 WHQL drivers. With a DVI-HDMI cable going from the 8800GTS to the HDMI input of the TV, set to 1920x1080, I get underscan of about 2 inches in a giant square. (I will take a picture later). My only solution now is to use the TV's overscan button. What I really want is 1:1 pixel mapping to use the entire...
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