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You want the setting output at 24p from the Blu-ray player as well as turning on cinema smooth in the settings. You will watch the Hobbit the way it was meant to be watched.
So far I don't see the need to upgrade to the 2014 evolution kit once it appears mid year. However it will be interesting if it does fix the 3D brightness pops once and for all, or if there will be any picture quality enhancements whatsoever. Unless there is a confirmed picture quality enhancement, I have no need to upgrade and won't.
I agree 100% Watching an excellent quality Blu-ray like Avatar, Life of Pie, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Hobbit, Pacific Rim, iMAX, Cirque Du S, and some others with a properly calibrated 8500 is the best way to watch the movie at home. In some cases better than the 3D movie theater itself.
No way, you have helped so many, now it is our turn to help you. When you turn on the menu from the remote controller and it superimposes over the video, do the sparklies remain there? Is the image you are showing me paused or a picture of it moving?
Haha, you fooled me with the Spock avatar I have all the other Bond films on blu-ray, Ghostbusters mastered in 4K and the regular Blu-Ray, Avatar, Pacific Rim, Life of Pie, Star Wars, all six, Indiana Jones, all four, Groundhog Day, Back to the Future trilogy, The Hobbit Extended 3D, and a lot of other films. I have not noticed any artifacts watching blu-rays so far, but then again I haven't looked that hard.
I don't have skyfall, but have all the star trek movies. Let me know of any scenes on one of those and I'll confirm.
On one occasion, I've had to change 3D perspective to -1 to align the images, but it was an IMAX documentary on Blu-ray. All other movies I need to leave it at default center. . it is easy to tell if the images are aligned properly, just close each eye and look for any ghosting while pausing the scene. The image with each eye should look clear with no reddish halo around people or objects. When playing 24fps 3D Blu-ray while cinema smooth is turned off, the 3D image when...
I must have missed your post about the artifacts while you watch cinema smooth. What do I have to do to check to see if mine has the same issue?
Have the setting as cinema smooth before starting your 3D movie and before you turn on your 3D glasses so they can remain in sync. I take it you were comparing settings as you would color. However you will see flickering when you switch it on and off while watching the movie because the speed at which the glasses are flickering aren't matching exactly what it's supposed to and get out of sync. In order for there to be zero flickering throughout the movie, don't go changing...
If the 3D Blu-Ray is mastered in 24FPS, and the Blu-Ray player is outputting at 24FPS, then you shall have no flickering when choosing cinema smooth is on. If the framerate is 30fps or 60fps coming out of you player, then you have to use smooth setting, howevere there are brightness pops that I have seen only on 3D in that case. Avatar 3D for example is one of those that you can test these settings out in. I have watched the movie with smooth, standard, and cinema smooth....
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