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that sounds about right. i never power off the receiver, i'll try that.
i know how to get the menu up... I'm saying if i hit menu then navigate to the source select > other > video convert that it's set to ON. but still no on screen display, only on the receivers display
posted this in replay but i guess it was just in reply to the picture: so for the source i renamed XBMC it shows video convert is on but there's o display of menu on screen, same with the source i renamed PS3. When i go Menu > Source Select > (source i renamed XBOX 360) > it just switches to that input and the display on the unit goes black and pressing menu doesn't bring up the menu on the units display... same with another source.
can you point me in the right direction of where video convert is located? Its a pain in the ass to try to navigate using just the receiver display!
My receiver seems to have stopped displaying the OSD at least on this certain input. It always used to but I can't figure out why it isn't anymore. Volume doesn't show up, pressing menu doesn't show up... Also, if i switch to an input with no signal, the screen goes white/gray instead of the normal blue... i can navigate the menu on the front of the receiver but some guidance would be helpful. also, what is the "correct" mode to keep the receiver in most of the time? ...
Hi, i dont know who to contact about this so i'm trying a few different places. I'm a member of the forums for a long time and have recently had my laptop stolen. I believe the thief has gone through my bookmarks and checked out some of them, one of them being this site. The reason i believe this is because on June 6th I received an email that one of the threads i'm subscribed to was updated. As i'm sure you're aware, these emails are only sent after you visit the site...
I have an old (from 1998ish) paradigm CC150 center channel. The foam surround is detached from the cone (i dont know the correct terms, forgive me). Is this something i can/should just glue back on with one of the many kits available? The foam seems to not be in the best condition where it was previously so i'd think that should maybe/probably be replaced. Any advice?
Thank you for the links. Much appreciated. I'm not sure the version number. I looked at the tag on them and it doesn't say anything. They're literally from 1998 or 1999. I bought them at the same time as my center channel, which is a Paradigm CC-150 if that helps. The speakers seem fine but i realize it's probably time to upgrade...
any suggestions?
What would be a good upgrade to my paradigms? I dont have a need or desire to go to crazy on a home theater but I don't mind spending a couple hundred per speaker. i was thinking maybe three of these elemental designs... Does $200 buy a "decent" speaker? http://www.edesignaudio.com/product_...roducts_id=967
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