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Sorry mfusick can you explain again what you are trying to accomplish? The whole point of plexignore is that you wouldn't have to batch edit anything. Just put the plexignore file in the parent folder.
For Plex, use Plexignore. Of course you can also use this to exclude other folders like "backdrops" and "specials" so Plex doesn't scan them into the library. Hopefully Plex will add support for trailers eventually (it may be THE most requested feature on the plex forums). Edit: wraslor beat me to it :-)
I agree with this. That price actually seems pretty reasonable. Hopefully will see a drop in price of other hard drives finally :-/
At the Windows desktop, right click the clock (bottom right of your screen) and select "adjust date/time".
What card is acceptable for gaming is incredibly subjective. What games to you play? What frame rates are acceptable? Do you need to max out settings? How long until you plan on upgrading again? Just look the games you play the most, and then look up video cards reviews to see what frame rates different cards get on those games. The same can probably be said for MadVR, depending on what kind of videos you play and what setting you want in MadVR.
Just FYI, not all of MyMovies features require a 2500 points ($100). See here. It looks like you can use external players with 1250 contribution points ($50). I don't know of any other solutions besides MediaBrowser and MyMovies for launching external players in WMC. If you find another solution, let us know ;-)
Use Media Browser Classic, which supports launching external players like MPC-HC. Alternatively, MyMovies can actually change the framerate within WMC without launching an external player. I don't have a ton of experience with the latter option, and it's not as popular (probably because it requires 2500 MyMovies contribution points which costs $100, although a trial is available).
If you want to play local content, then that changes things. HTPCs are the best solution for playing local content IMO. Regarding streaming services, all of those companies have simply decided to stop supporting HTPCs in favor of cheap, simple boxes like the Roku.There is no solution to my knowledge to simply pass video through a computer. Maybe you can do that with the capture cards I mentioned, but I really don't see the point. It's one thing if you to take advantage of...
Word of warning though: I don't know if any Google TV model other than the Logitech Revue can send proper WMC IR commands. For instance I tried one of the Sony's, and it simply didn't have the commands in its database (and also couldn't learn IR commands).
The 96 Hz mode doesn't work well on those TV's, and they should be set to 60 Hz. The TV's 3:2 pulldown however is basically perfect. I'm guessing that sending 23.976 to the TV (in 60 Hz mode) vs. using Smooth Motion would produce virtually the same results.
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