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So great news for people who are pursuing the lofty goal of automated ripping of your DVDs and blu-rays. Previously, automatic disc ripping was limited to the WHS version of MyMovies, but now, the WHS and Windows desktop version are going to be rolled into one program. More info here: http://www.mymovies.dk/how-to/written-documentation.aspx?Page=Getting+started+the+My+Movies+5+Pre+Release. This was a pretty annoying limitation before, because you needed two separate...
The only programs that can play back all blu-ray menus are the paid applications like TMT5, PowerDVD, and WinDVD (all of which require HDCP I would assume). Some other programs, including XBMC, can play non-Java menus. I know it's a huge pain, but I would try ripping the episodes with makemkv and renaming them.
Transcoding is turned off by default in Plex Home Theater (assuming this is a local network). Briansj, have you tried turning DXVA off? Do you get the same result?
I rip to MKV using MakeMKV. Easy to use and the quality is preserved.
Quite a large number of my blu-rays are VC-1, including popular movies like The Dark Knight. I also never said extenders need transcoding all of the time.
That still leaves VC-1. I often hear people say uncompressed blu-ray rips play back perfectly on the Xbox 360, but I've yet to see any real evidence. I've tested this a number of time to no avail. The important question is whether the Xbox 360 can play H264, VC1, and MPEG2 in some sort of container at 40 mb/s+ as well as DTS and DD without transcoding. I'm confident it cannot, but I would love to be proven wrong.
I don't believe this. Are you positive that not only H.264 encoded blu-rays, but MPEG2 and VC-1 endoded blu-rays play back perfectly as well?
I too observed transcoding when attempting to stream blu-rays to an Xbox 360 extender. The video was noticeably more pixelated than the source, and CPU utilization on my PC was 100%. Oddly, there is virtually no documentation on this functionality that I was able to find.Unfortunately neither the Xbox 360 or the Roku are really suitable as an extender for this reason. Most blu-ray quality video will need to be transcoded for the Roku. Plex actually does the transcoding...
What video card are you using? Are you sure you have the correct pixel format selected in your video card's settings?
Thank you very much for the advice! I'll try taking the amp out and see if anything is amiss.
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