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Great! Glad to hear the latest drivers fixed the issue.
The Ceton My Media Center app does indeed work perfectly fine with the HDHomerun Prime.
So I have an old Genesis 900 subwoofer that was handed down to me. It sounds great with music, but unfortunately it has a persistent buzz. I've done a lot of googling, and I feel like I've tried just about every troubleshooting step I've read. I thought I would give the question one more shot here. This is also complicated by the fact that the remote that controls the subwoofer's settings doesn't seem to work anymore. Important points: -The buzz continues even when the...
IIRC, there are some bugs with Intel drivers. Are you on Intel? Latest video drivers?
This + 2 GB ram stick + 16 gb USB stick + OpenELEC = awesome HTPC for well under $200. Pretty amazing deal (assuming everything works okay).
That is pretty awesome! Thank you! I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to automate this with no luck. I will check out MCM. Edit: Hmmm, I haven't had much luck. How do you have MCM set up? Did you have to do anything special? Edit 2: Scratch that. It does appear to be working after all!
Can you be more descriptive regarding the wtv metadata from WMC recordings? For me, Plex always worked with basic streaming of my wtv recordings, but it was never able to collect any metadata from the files. I'm not sure if things have changed or if you configured things differently.
If this is just for personal media you really don't need server grade parts. I also find those all in one solutions like the Drobo way too expensive. What I use is Windows WHS2011 (although you could just use Windows 7) with Flexraid. Flexraid is software based and just installs on your regular Windows OS. It provides parity based data protection. If you plan on doing a lot of transcoding via Plex then I recommend getting a powerful CPU like a quad-core Intel i5. So...
Plex has a new website! www.plex.tv The also redid the Plex Web interface. Looks very nice!
Full bit-rate blu-ray (in an uncompressed MKV) will typically not stream reliably over wi-fi, even if the device is close to the router. Moreover, it's unlikely the Chromecast supports all of the audio/video formats found in blu-rays (I know the Roku doesn't), which requires the server to transcode. Check the activity monitor on the PC running Plex Media Server. If the CPU usage is high, then the file is likely being transcoded. If the computer is not powerful enough this...
New Posts  All Forums: