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... oh, first things first. go to the VCD settings and make sure it is enabled with at least 1 virtual drive selected AND make sure that virtual drive is not in use!
instead of double clicking, try right click on the .iso and scroll to "Open with...", then in the dialog click the little arrow near "Other Programs". You should see a selection for "Mount Files with Virtual Clone Drive", if it is installed correctly, select it. Nothing will probably happen at that point, so go to "My Computer" and see if the .iso is mounted and showing up as an inserted dvd.
$110 at Frys
I can understand questioning the cost/benefit behind HTPC's: everyone should do just such an analysis before spending any significant amount of money.
This has been on Newegg for a while.... no 7MC integration though.
All digital media adapters are network clients, DNLA is just a particular brand of PnP. The capabilities of the adapter and the privileges granted by the OS are another story.
As the Windows 7 launch neared, I had been searching for clues as to new extenders, particularly as the functionality of the current extenders was not keeping up. No Netflix with Vista or 7 (yes, I do have PlayOn, but...), no internet TV in 7, no native high def codec support, etc. The internet is a great source of information, IF you know exactly how to phrase your question's.Using the the search phrase "new extenders," of course, turned up nada. However, I caught the...
The program may have originated in 2008 (they were probably taping out circuits in 2007, so what!), but why bother to revise the the documents this month, 5/09, if it's indeed dead? CEC allows for the use in devices that are not simply media center extenders, and the inclusion of DRM allows for the use of the 8634 chip in Blu-ray players and set-top boxes... all other uses of the 8634 chip. This doesn't mean that someone is coming out with a blu-ray player MCX, or a set...
Check it out here! The news of the death of extenders has been greatly exagerated!
Have you tried the Boxee alpha? Haven't figured out how to get the higher res episodes yet, but I'm sure they are working on it. As to a 10 foot ui... that's an old chestnut that made sense back in the good ole days of "massive" 29" CRT's with a whopping 480i resolution. In these days of screens as big as your biggest surface and resolutions up to 4k, the 10 foot UI is kinda silly... My "tv" is only 32" and has only 720p resolution and I can read web pages just fine from...
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