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just an update: I changed a blu-ray player. now the projector and AVR work... just that I need to use HDMI2 on the projector to connect to the AVR. If I connect the BDP directly to HDMI1 of the projector, it works. but BDP to AVR, then AVR to HDMI1 of Projector1, it does not work (projector does not get the video/audio)
really long thread. a lot of information here. I have a few questions: - how does BDP-450 compare with other BD players such as Sony S5100 in terms of PQ, sound/video support? - is the 4.04 FW still available and does not need activation code? thanks!
it's not the cable. I tried on my TV (with short HDMI cable) it exhibits the same problem. Also tried to power up with the sequence you suggested (PJ/TV, AVR, and BDP). Nothing works so far.
one more piece of info. My Apple TV works with AVR and the PJ using the same ports of the AVR (also HDMI). it is just Blu-ray and AVR together being the problem. The blu-ray player also works fine if directly connected to the TV. Appreciate your help here.
thanks. yes deep color output is OFF already.
yes deep color output is OFF already.
already did a reset multiple times. didn't work
I hooked up my Blu-ray to the BD HDMI Input port on Denon AVR, then HDMI out from Denon to Epson 3010 projector. Everything was working fine. I attempted to connect an HDMI matrix and somehow it worked for a while and then after some HDMI cable swap it entirely stopped working. Now I came back to the original setup (BD to AVR to PJ), but the AVR just would not recognize the blu-ray player nor does it sends any video to the PJ. A few symptoms: - if I connect BD directly...
It is in my basement. If I close the blinds the room will be completely dark. The wall is light brown with Matte finish. To do 3D what gain should I use? What are the tradeoffs? Thanks!
Thanks DrZaus. The link is very helpful. It seems the tool is mainly for non-3D? my understanding is that for 3D the brightness is lower so I am wondering if a higher gain screen is needed. what are the tradeoffs between - higher vs. lower gain - white vs. gray thanks!
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