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All done! I went with a full 5.1 setup with some in ceiling g speakers. Went with the Klipsch for front mains. Got surround now! Thanks everyone for the info and advice
Just got the sub - this thing is a beast! Can't wait to hear it. A development at Best Buy has me re-thinking my front mains. I have $150 in rewards dollars there, and the Klipsch KB-15's just went on sale for $174. So if I go with those, the fronts would cost me about $30 bucks. Hard to pass up! They are the Icon series rather than the reference that I was looking at. But, I think the cost savings is going to make that decision for me. I listened to them at BB - not the...
Thanks everyone. Receiver arrives tomorrow, bought the Dayton 12" subwoofer yesterday and it arrives tomorrow. My buddy is showing up tomorrow with all the speakers, so I'll see what's up tomorrow. Will be posting after I make a decision.
Wow, well Mr. Krueger you certainly seem to present some sound arguments. Unfortunately, it's all over my head! I promise to read your responses again and do my best to educate myself. I sure appreciate you taking the time to share your insight and knowledge with a newcomer.
So if I beef it up with a 2 channel amplifier, something 200w per channel or so, I could drive those speakers? They look nice and get great reviews, the Lsi7.
Thanks! That's why I freaking love this place - so many informed opinions. Really helps a noob like me. Thanks again.
What's your recommendation for a bookshelf speaker in the $300 - $500 range? Keep in mind this will be my only speakers until I add a sub, in a few months. My buddy can bring a few different brands that I could demo, so let me know what else I should include.
Lots of folks seem to be recommending that Dayton subwoofer for price/performance ratio. Something tells me it won't be too long before I add that puppy. Thanks for all your advice! I'm psyched to start hearing real sound coming out of my system.
Thanks for the info on Netflix and 5.1, that's interesting. I see the 5.1 logo on the movies as you scroll through them on Netflix, so I just assumed they would play fine. Good to know. As for the speakers, they were actually recommended to me by a dude who installs stereo equipment. He's going to bring his over so I can listen in my space.
So after years of yearning, I went ahead and did it. Made the first purchase toward my home theater. A little background, and a description of where I am and where I would like to go. My great room is where I do most of the viewing/listening. It's about 20x14 with hard wood floors. I've got a 50" LCD 1080 HD with really ****** TV speakers. I mostly view streaming Netflix and Hulu, and watch movies in MP4 format. I also listen to Spotify and Pandora through a WDTV...
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