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YOUR machine is repairable, send me a PM for more info.
Hi members having issue trying to play M2ts out of the stream folders they playback stuttering any clue thanks,? the disc is Sons Of A S2D1 D2 full rip.
Sorry to say that the eh55 and eh75 drives can not be done this way tried many many times, no luck.
The ONLY panasonic recorder that Ive been able to install in a like machine without formatting is a dmr-eh50 , but there is a trick to do so.
I've got a few ram discs of diff brands ie panasonic, mem that cannot format in any recorder or in my pcs using panasonic software,
Early on when the ez series came avail I had issues with mint cond ram discs on these recorders that always ask to reformat , they could not play , these were made on e-10 e20 es series recorders the panasonic people could not give me any clue why.
I had repaired one of Luke's machines that had read problems some time back, when he got the unit back he was able to read the dvd-ram discs that he was not able to play in any other machine,
TRY these they work for me................. http://www.meritline.com/dvd-r-dual-layer-media---c-7533.aspx
Are there any suggestions for the second hand market in Panasonic DVD/HDD machines? I'm kind of hesitant to look at ebay when I'm not sure about the condition of older machines and how they may be abused.[/quote] A DMR-EH75 and use DL discs.
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