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NO CHARGE ..... JUST return ship chrg. i'm easy.
[. I wonder what MICKINCT would have thought, had I sent it to him?[/quote] THE first thing I do when I get any machine in to repair , is to take the cover off to inspect it before I turn it on. I've seen peanuts in the vcr side of dvd recorders so it nothing new to me. Good job Luke for finding the peanut, good luck with your new toy.
Send me a PM to discuss fix.
Hi Bearbig welcome to AVS, leave a call back ## in your pm.
send me a PM .
technics/panasonic were sister co's. in u.s. national/panasonic in japan.
The price might have scared alot of people from buying, I believe I spent 500.00 on it , my first vcr was a jvc hrd-725u hi-fi unit that was 900.00 and that's what I paid, list was 1200.
the rumor is not a fluke I have 3 of these units, they do not have macro for some strange reason. these where a somewhat high end machine picture is very very good.
You cannot playback non-fin discs in the tosh, you can playback in a panasonic recorders only,and possible finalize in them too, if it is the same model.
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