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receive those channels yet? i have received the NFL stuff in SD but no new HD yet
maybe that's the reason for all of the disruptions lately
looks like Mediacom will start broadcasting NFL Network and Red Zone on channels 186, 187 respectively on 9/9/11. this is for the central Illinois area. Unfortunately, it's in SD but it's a start. Guess the poll numbers changed huh? Anybody else get a message on their box talking about these additions in their areas?
It seems like Mediacom has been going out a lot lately, at least 3 times this month. Not just HD, but standard def too. It usually comes back on in about an hour, but still. A real pain when I'm DVR'ing something.
wtf! now we have to subscribe to epix and epix hd?! what a crock! any other mediacom users seeing this on their screens when they tune in to these channels?
i agree. that is messed up.
just received : Smithsonian HD(750), MGM HD(751)-no guide info yet, Spike Hd(770), Comedy Central Hd(771), mtv hd(772), vh1 hd(773), cmt hd(774), nick hd(776), epixhd(795)-even though the hd channel shows showtime hd programming while the standard channel shows epix programming, this week. on top of the recent additions in the last 2-3 weeks, mediacom is finally starting to get some good hd channels. not directv or dish, but slowly getting better. just adding my 2.5 cents...
same here in Paxton, Illinois
Atomic Wings in Pittsburgh, Suicide Wings in New Jersey and JR's Firebrand Chilli in Springfield. all things i would like to try.
yes. i am getting tired of it switching back and forth from standard to hd.
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