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Enois, That looks like it is a graph of just a clip. Is that correct? I don't know that I've seen an entire movie that had such disparity in levels from 20 to 100Hz.
I'll see if I can pick up the Zambezia BR. If you judge a movie by how much it rattles things in your house, you're likely to prefer movies that have a humped response peaking somewhere from 30-50Hz. Nothing wrong with that - those are also what will have the loudest bass in movie theaters, and they'll almost certainly sound the loudest in your HT, ceteris paribus.
Where at in Hawaii? I have people in Hilo and Kona that I'll be visiting in the next year or two.You have a lot of headroom. Would love to see measurements. I can't listen above about -15MV either, but I also have a very reflective room where I can't apply room treatments.
I think the mixes are probably the same, and you liked it because it was loud in the movie theater. I look at the PvA graph and see it strongly filtered starting at or around 30Hz. That matches up perfectly with movie theater subs' capabilities - they're almost exclusively ported subs tuned to around 30Hz.
There aren't any. The whole movie was pretty mediocre for bass.
Oh, thanks for the reminder, audiofan1! I forgot I had measured The Book Thief because I still haven't watched it. Here are the measurements. It's probably not a bass movie, or at least I'm not expecting much because it's very steeply filtered at 20Hz and has low levels, but huge dynamics!
While it has some bass content, Reasonable Doubt isn't really what I'd call a bass movie. It has one minor effect early on containing legit content below 10Hz, then a few spots of what appear to be DC offset or junk at DC to 1Hz. Otherwise, it's a stinker with extremely low levels, and most of the bass content exists from 40-60Hz. The movie wasn't very entertaining, to me.
You new guys need to get into the habit of checking http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/forum/4-the-bass/ before asking here for graphs, measurements, or commentary on new releases. We measure and graph every single new bass movie, plus most of the old ones, and make notes if they're good or bad with objective reasons why. Others chime in with their impressions, then we all vote on how well we subjectively think the bass was executed in the movie. To be direct, 47...
Blazar, this would be better asked in the DIY forum, as there's a thread right now talking about best bang for your buck builds. In your case, in such a large space, you'd be much better served by ported in the 20-40Hz range. Your space & proposed box size sounds perfect for some of the ideas floated in that thread.
I looked at the spec sheet. Do I have this correct that they say 1.5cuft optimal sealed size, which includes the driver displacement?How's that really match up via modeling? I'm curious to see what unibox or WinISD say. If it's actually solid, holy shirt that's quite a good deal!
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