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Austin, Thanks for having the wifey and I out yesterday. The subs sound incredible. So Much Power, so deep, and so effortless. If I had seen the graph's curve before hand I would not have thought it would have sounded like that at all. I really enjoyed how smooth it was and that we could get extreme deep bass without being uncomfortably overwhelmed by the mid bass and the rest of the upper end. I tend to think of klipsch as bright but your whole system sounds very smooth...
Can you have your wife and baby girl see if "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" is recorded with distortion or I just shouldn't play it at reference? If they can't tell maybe they have an expert close by for a second opinion.Don't judge me, I've got Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, Floyd, etc... on vinyl and my speakers (minus the dual FV15HP) cost more then my car. But sometimes even I hang with bone thugs.
Why, u going to trade in your XS30 and minature giraffe for a Rythmik?On the amp I do not know. Assume if they pulled it from the site they aren't doing that anymore. It was a great 100 bux savings on less then a 1.5 db performance difference.
FV15 right now
Why do you think the LV12R does not "compete" with any of the subs you listed? Do you think any of them can "compete" with the sound quality of the LV12R?There's been a few threads on this but no direct comparisons that I know of; good discussions on the products so encourage you to use the search and dig them up. Owners of those products do report good results and I believe them. I suspect that outlaw is the best of your list despite conventional SVS and HSU sub wisdom....
Minor point. XT32 does not do volume and distance individually for 2 subs. SubEQHT does that. Once upon a time all AVR's with XT32 had SubEQHT so it was a moot point, however now there's at least one XT32 AVR without SubEQHT so it's a good idea to distinguish between the two features IMO. Personally if I had SubEQHT I wouldn't use it anyway but see how it is useful to those that aren't into measurements and such.
As long as one of the subs isn't working significantly harder then the other (hmm maybe 4, 6, or more dbs harder; somewhat dependent on your listening habits) then the other the differences should be subtle/non-existent until you get to higher listening levels where one of the subs is beginning to strain / distort. When that happens it will be less pronounced then usual because your other sub is chugging along happy as can be. There;s a little risk of damage in that...
Brian is pushing for August I believe, it was a page or two back. It's dependent on the supplier though so we'll see if they can pull through by then.
You should check out gain matching sometime, it's all the rave I think it has some benefits, at least worth some consideration.
That AVR can't do independent time / phase alignment or volume for two subs, it will treat them as one.JT78681, even top of the line Audyssey XT32 with SubEQHT equalizes the subs as if they were one, that's how you want it done. However you should do the volume settings yourself between the two (the AVR will level them as one with the mains) and come up with an approach for time/phase. For setting volume levels I am a proponent of "Gain Matching" search for a post from...
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