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very quiet, 212 must be demanding full attention. Seaton gear is seksy, then you hear it and think OMG. Can't go wrong there. High performance, high Value, high WAF. I like the way you roll Mark.
212 vs the world
Ohh no, not the swamp, Me and pop's sub ate shwit on that hill last time. Careful, and I recommend against flip flops.
It's good, it's very very good.
I'm not going to be there so I don't get a vote. I vote yes anyway. Such a highly regarded speaker would like to see how it compares in the reviews.
Rythmic recommends a single FV15 (non HP) over dual LV12Rs for some of the features on the amp although I tend to lean towards duals. I tend to recommend PSA or Rythmik at this price range so I'd stretch for the FV15HP (and I did twice). It sounds like we have some WAF limitations to work with here. I like the appearance of my FV15HP but it is not a small sub, you'd need to brace her for its size. That may be a good vote for a couple smaller subs, or maybe even a sealed...
So say you put an amp on it, then what? how are you going to play tunes. I knew a fella the ran a car head unit with CD, mp3 jack, and tuner on a car battery with car speakers and a sub in his room. He let the car stereo head unit power the speakers and had an amp for the sub. I suppose he had a battery charger or something???? That was some serious one note bass. He loved it, I never got why he went that route and though it sounded like shwit but hey, we were listening...
Are you talking about your gif? All Man I love those commercials. He's the billionaire Russian tycoon from the DirectTV commercials. They were rocking not too long ago but haven't seen one in awhile. They were good, then they broke out the miniature giraffe and just crushed it. I hate 99% of commercials but that guy just rox. There's a bunch over at youTube. I found the gif pretty quick on a google search.EDIT: 10k on the new girls and that's the reason you have free reign...
Well you can run audyssey, measure, try toe in, run audyssey, measure and compare... However the general rule of thumb is use REW and the tools at hand (placement, manual EQ, treatment placement, toe in, and such) to get the best frequency response and other measurements possible with audyssey off. Then run audyssey and verify yup that's the best end result yet. There are situations and folks that recommend manual EQ after audyssey though. Which ones right for you? Easy...
Hope I made u laugh jbrown. Hey, where'd the rilla pic and jbrown gif go, they were there a minute ago???? EDIT: weird, they're back
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