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boozing, sorry bud. I'll stop
^^^^ Servo'd though
Thanks for the analysis. They are the same driver. The measurement is at 20Hz and I think the FV15HP is in 2port mode.. but Im not sure.Please tell me more kind sir.
EDIT: Re-worded postOne way or another we are all paying for shipping on everything, it's just how it is presented to us.
EDIT: Delete worthless rude post, I apologize jbrown
EDIT: That post didn't make since either, still learning to read He's talking about the XV-30 and I keep talking about the XS-30, oopsOP I'm not as familiar with the XV-30 graphs. I'll take a look at PSA's and the Rythmik plots. I do take PSA's graphs at face value, those guys aren't going to exaggerate the numbers. Rythmik has graphs and there are some up on data-bass. Check em out.
Yup, as close as a sealed sub can line up with a ported, FV15HP and XS-30 do sorta. But the nature of sealed vs ported is what separates these two. Choose your poison. 2m ground play of the XS30 is -5db at 20Hz. weird to me. My Rythmik is solid down to 14 Hz in the same 2m ground plane measurement. The response is, well the XS-30 gets to have in room response and does better there...yup all subs do, that why we compare like data-bass does.MK overcomes all drawbacks of a...
Rythmik mutli sub discount is 10%
Loving the FV15HPs, but can't you appreciate the trade-offs? Don't you run dual sealed PSA XS-30s? Seems like you'd understand why the FV15HP makes since for one situation while the F25 is better for another.
F25 +6db of F15 (non HP) HMMMM Brian, what is the ETA on the F25HP and the FV25HP? HMMMMM that doesn't mean I think you should make that, just making the point. but maybe
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