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I have to find something to move on to first but I'll still be here.
Hey guys just giving you a heads up that I left Cox so I won't be able to answer many of your questions. I encourage you to send them a message on Facebook or Twitter. The team that handles online support are awesome. I'll still be around as a customer though.
I think NFL Network is on 2 different channels are both of them not working? 161 & 224 I think. I'm listing both HD & SD on my boxes.
I honestly can't remember the speeds b/c I've been seeing them for the entire country. I'll see what I can find.
I belive that is in the map for Q4 w/ Android
Windows Phone or PC?
Maybe they are going to try to position G4 as a younger version of Esquire kind of like Bravo is to E. It could/should work. Spike is the only men's network right now.
I honestly am not familiar with that commercial. I guess you could say it's semantics. HD is Free. There are some HD channels that are not. You get most of your HD channels at no additional charge.
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