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I think there were emails sent as well. Many people are not using their cox.net email accounts so this is just another tactic. I think it is being sent to your home & you do not need to return the old one. I will check & find out though.
That's us. We have the ability but will only use it sparingly. This is a great deal though & we want to get those older modems off the network.
Not on the Moto. The trio is much better than the Rovi guide though. here is a video about the guide.
I have stopped DVRing GOT because of HBOGo on my Xbox. Combining that with the Smart Glass app is amazing.
Yep. It sounds like he got a trio box. It might take him some getting used to but it is a much better box.
DM me your acct number or address. I want my team to look into the issues you are seeing. Has anyone noticed the 59 min bug showing up again?
It should work. How long ago did this modem issue happen?
Technically it's 3 channels. The Richmond CBS is part of the retrans negotiation as well. We are getting hammered by people thinking we are dropping the channel. Though we have said that if we don't pay them their requested increase.
Not sure what to tell you on this one. If you have any charge issues let me know though.
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