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I'm going with the latter issues because I have had NO issues with my service. Of course my levels are perfect & I know I have no issue with my receiver. Cox isn't packing less image in the same pipe. We're packing more image in a larger pipe.
We have not set aside the channels for the Extra Innings package in HD. We do have many of the other games in HD (ESPNs, Fox, MASN, etc). One of the channels I'm hearing the clamor about coming soon carries baseball as well.
I agree but it is much better than where we are located now off Volvo. This will be a new style location as well. No longer will it seem like a bank it will be much more interactive. I'll be going over there to show them a swagger needed for customer service.
I definately do. I have had that car for almost 10 years and went through a few accidents. Hopefully my wife will give me permission to buy a hybrid soon. I will be leaving the mall soon to open our new Chesapeake office in the new shopping center where Jason's Deli & Sterlings is located.
Well I don't have any solid information on new channels but there is alot of rumbling going on which is usually a good thing. Stay tuned....lol
From my understanding some small cable companies (ACA) were the ones lobbying for the exemption. This was more related to dual carriage.
Speaking personally I always felt it would be better to say the DVR costs $16. Others feel if all receivers cost the same $5.50 it would be easier to explain costs.
thejokell hit it on the nose. Except the scam part.........lol.
yeah they did but this year they want to proe it as a viable advertising conduit. Given the option would you watch on TV or Internet? This way they are pushing you to watch it on the internet.
a D* paid exclusive only. They want to push people to watch the game online. "CBS and NCAA will jointly be providing coverage of the games on-line in an effort to demonstrate the effectiveness of on-line broadcasting to event advertisers such as Coke, Pontiac, and AT&T. "
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