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That's the ticket, a plasma!. Nothing better for shadow detail. Michael
On the sample video, the shadows looked a little crushed on my TV, although my TV has not been calibrated yet and I have been looking at a lot of full frame video lately (a little unfair). What do you guys see for shadows? Michael
I think we can all agree that all YouTube videos are worse quality than what you would get out of the camera, probably by a wide margin. That leaves a lot of room to game the system with post production. If the video coming out of my camera looked like YouTube video, even good YouTube video, I wouldn't be happy.Michael
I don't know how much of a determination you can make about the video quality using YouTube as the source material. It's so highly compressed. We don't know if what we are seeing is better camera quality, or better post production quality, where over a period of years, they have really learned the ins and outs of producing head turning YouTube videos. Michael
I have to wonder if they let the camera white balance before shooting. I don't see this problem in this outdoor video:Michael
I'm sure it is fantastic for a smart phone. I have a Note II, and look forward to upgrading. However, I think you guys are missing my point. I'm an engineer. I go by numbers. I guarantee you that this phone camera does not resolve 4K. I have yet to see even the best 1080p camcorders do a full 1080 lines, and that's with top quality glass not scrunched into a pancake. Most top end camcorders are lucky to see 800 lines. You've got optics, image processing, and file...
I'm skeptical that the effective resolution is actually 4K, and will remain skeptical of any 4K camera at this point.. GoPro has a 4K camera, and reviewed.com said they did not see any improvement in actual measured resolution in the 2.7K and 4K modes over 1080/60p. It may output a 4K file, but that doesn't mean the camera resolves 4K. You have to have the optics, sensor and processing to back it up. Michael
Bill, your point is well taken. The instructions for the HC-X920 say "Do not expose unit to rain, moisture, dripping or splashing." Even a waterproof camera or camcorder is going to be tough to shoot in rain, since the lens will get wet, although at least a water resistant camera won't get ruined if it accidentally gets a little wet. The RX10 is not actually waterproof, though. The owner's manual says "This camera is designed to be dust and moisture-resistant, but is...
While the Sony RX10 is a fine still camera, and can take some nice video, but I would still recommend a camcorder if your main focus is video. Every review I have seen, and I've read a lot of them, a still camera, even $6000 DSLRs, do not provide as high a test resolution as a mid-priced camcorder. I wanted to like still cameras so I wouldn't have to carry around two pieces of equipment, they only excelled for limited depth of field shots. All other aspects, they were a...
I don't think we have the panel failure issues with the 70 that the 60 is experiencing. There have been some lip sync issues, but those seem to get cleared up if you turn off the extra video processing, which I don't think does much anyway.You are righ, all LCDs have issues. I'm happy with mine. I only see an issue occassionally. No TV is perfect, no matter how much you pay.Michael
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